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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Skiing and Rock Climbing Afghan Style

 Afghan Ski Challenge

I hope you will enjoy this web site

and the videos I have linked here.....

In Afghanistan the mountains, country, and people are beautiful. Afghanistan has some of the tallest and most daring mountains in the world. For fellow climbers, skiers, and other outdoor sports it is paradise.
I know you will enjoy these videos and the awesome scenery and people.

"Skiing Afghan Style"

"Afghan Ski Challenge filmed with GoPro Hero 3"

Afghan Rock Climbing Videos

First Afghan female mountain climber Seddiqa Mayar Noristani

Mike Libecki - Climbing in Yemen, Afghanistan and the Spirit of Adventure
Rock Climbing at Skateistan in Afghanistan

Rock Climbing Wall at Skateistan

I just have to sneak in a Scottish Rock Climbing Video here since I love Scotland and Glencoe is the holy of holy spots for those with a Sky Blue heart with a white Saltire (aka White Diagonal Cross) running through it.

Afghan Skate Boarding - Skateistan

Afghan Rock n Roll - I like this one for True Afghan Rock N Roll
(this one is a little silly but I still like it but they need to learn how to dance like real Afghans...these guys must have spent to much time in Europe - or they maybe just being silly for fun which is also more than ok. It actualy doesn't get good till about half way in my opinion.