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Saturday, October 25, 2014


In 2012 Syria rewrote their constitution

Article 3 of Syrian Constitution “The State shall respect all
religions, and ensure the freedom to perform all the rituals that
 do not prejudice public order; The personal status of religious…
This was in response to the west’s demands that the Assad
government LEAVE not change and let more Sunni’s have
representation, Assad must LEAVE ( do we really want to make
 another failed State in the Middle East???
Sunnis already had a much larger representation throughout the
government and military than most other ethnic and/or religious
 groups in Syria.
.. Syria rewrote their constitution in 2012 in response to the sectarian
 Sunni Arab movement to overthrow the Assad regime. The main
 movements at the start of the conflict in 2011…. that Al Jazera (a Sunni
 Arab TV station) and the Western Media and the Main investors in this
enterprise is Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, and UAE. CIA is doing
 training and weapon supply. But by far the biggest influence was the
Sunni Arab Wahhabi backing/money. They actually have a Saudi Prince who
has been in Charge of the funding and campaign. The west is stupid enough
 to believe these Sectarian and very militarized groups like Al Qaeda,
al Nusra, ISIL, FSA and so many others ….. of the 10 main groups and
another 30 smaller movements / militarized groups fighting the Assad
regime in Syria NONE are secular, None have anything but Sunni Arab
leadership. Yet Syria has a very long Christian heritage. Followers of
Jesus brother James founded their Christian Church in Syria long before
 there was a Catholic Church. These Militant Sunni Arab groups have no
representation within their ranks presently for the Shia, Alawites, Yezidi,
 Kurd, Turk, Uzbeks, Armenians, and many other faiths and ethnic groups
 that the rebel forces would never allow a place in a Sunni Arab Syrian