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Sunday, February 22, 2015


One proposed method by a US think tank to deal with Syria and Iraq - not mine - I.B.

"Target the road transport infrastructure used to truck the oil to customers, which would have the added benefit of cutting off key nodes of IS communications and command and control. Expand and intensify existing international sanctions.

ocus on targeting IS's ground mobility capabilities, particularly fleets of pick-up trucks and captured armored vehicles. This strategy would be carried out by local actors, backed by extensive air surveillance, airpower, and the provision of training and military equipment.Initiate a concerted intelligence-led operation at a local level by local actors with the objective of collecting information on the identity and areas of operation of IS's senior leadership and military command. Feed into existing military operations against IS, a sustained erosion of IS's experienced leadership would make the group more vulnerable to military ground maneuvers by rival groups in Syria and Iraq.Continue the aggressive countering of IS's online presence and challenge the organization’s religio-political doctrine through "mole" accounts within the jihad community online.

In Syria, remove the binary image of opposition versus government and replace it with a more inclusive and broad focus on maintaining Syrian territorial integrity and social unity. Crucially, the international community must recognize and make clear the President Assad does not represent a unifying leader.

In Iraq, build upon political progress already underway in Baghdad and initiate an integration of Sunni actors, including those involved in armed activities, into the national fold. Reinforce the capacity of the central government and its various structures to maintain a unified state whose constitution recognizes the equal rights of all communities.

Personally I think it would be a mistake to try and overthrow Assad.  We already are going to need and keep some presence in Afghanistan and Iraq for a decade or more. A foreign change of leadership in Syria I think is a hard thing to swallow especially after Libya. Tunisia is only one that actually turned out somewhat ok. However it is also on e of the largest number of foreign fighters in Syria. A Sunni leadership in Syria of some Muslim Brotherhood stooge is just going to bring another proposed Sharia law like in Egypt. The people are not so dumb, Syria I viewed as the US old Wild West Since I first looked at it in 2007.
Also the online does need addressed but there is better ways to address that. IN 2007 iit was easy to spot a AQI web site. They had 7 branches for their online campaign. They were very devoted to one wing of their campaign. One was showing dead Americans, another would be showing Martyrs, one Qaran quotes with AQI takes on same, one to harass US mil personal and their families, I forget the others since those were the ones I targeted by teaching people what to do to shut them down via contacting the Host. MySpace, YouTube, and Yahoo were big hang outs for AQi in 2007. Even fake US personal ID harassing people and saying some really crazy #%*& -

Their :"Target the road transport infrastructure used to truck the oil to customers", I would suggest Good Local policing of check points and surrounding Areas - basically what the Kurds have already done in North East and West of Mosul. Next is Raqqa to Turkey Route. Or how about this Idea???? Tell Turkey to stop Buying the ISIL oil. 

I propose that there is a hella lot more good Muslims and good non Muslims who can counter the Salafi Jiihadists or Wahhabi extremists and the non Muslim Brotherhood and Secular groups can help best in the online fight against ISIL and the groups that will replace ISIL while, and after it dies.  -  Ian Bach  
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