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Monday, November 5, 2007

Iraq - The Awakening - What the Media isn't telling you

If violence in Iraq drops and CNN is not around to report it; does that mean that violence is not down?

Mass Media is starting to act like seeing signs of success in Iraq is like seeing Bigfoot. Mass Media may not believe what they are seeing but it is starting to become harder to deny.

Many people have heard about the Anbar awakening. That was when we first saw a large population stand up against al Qaeda and oust them from their neighborhoods. Well now I have heard from a few people who are reluctant to believe or maybe just baffled that we haven't seen much on the News about how different Iraq is now as opposed to a couple months ago.

The fact is all over Iraq al Qaeda is on the run. But more signifficant is the reduction in military deaths, secterian violence, and suicide bombings.

Click here to view a recent interview of Michael Yon in Iraq.

Michael Yon has been reporting from the front lines in Iraq and has a good insight of the significant progress within the past couuple months. I hope you share this information with your friends. Thanks and best Wishes, - Ian Bach

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German Translations of Michael Yon's Articles

Michael Yon has added a new German version of his latest article and will be adding additional languges.

Here is a portion and Link for the german Version of Resistance is Futile.

Widerstand ist zwecklos: Man wird Sie (fehl)informieren.

Alle beschreiben den himmelweiten Unterschied zwischen dem, was die meisten Amerikaner zu glauben scheinen, was im Irak passiert, gegenüber dem, was tatsächlich im Irak passiert. Zu wissen, daß diese Abkopplung existiert und sie selbst zu erfahren sind zwei völlig getrennte Dinge. Es ist wie der Unterschied, einerseits die Fernbedienung während der Übertragung eines Vulkanausbruchs auf einer fernen Insel in der Hand zu halten (und dann den Kanal zu wechseln)  MORE HERE