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Friday, January 4, 2008

Iraqi Air Force (IQAF)

C-130E Hercules
The Iraqi Air Force (IQAF) is being rebuilt as part of the overall program to build a new Iraqi defense force. In December 2004, the Iraqi ministry of defense signed two contracts worth 132 million USD. The IQAF is scheduled to be expanded to 3,000 personnel by early 2008.
The Air Force primarily serves as a light reconnaissance and transport operation. On March 4, 2007, the IQAF carried out its first medical evacuation in the city of Baghdad when an injured police officer was airlifted to a hospital.
In 2007, the USAF’s Second Air Force, part of the Air Education and Training Command, was given responsibility to provide curricula and advice to the Iraqi Air Force as it stands up its own technical training and branch specific basic training among others. This mission is known as "CAFTT" for Coalition Air Forces Technical Training.
Serbia will deliver 35 Lasta-95 training propeller airplanes of domestic production to Iraq.
It will be interesting to see is Iraq will incorporate UAVs into their Air Force. I think it is more likely in near future that they will adopt the use of small observational UAVs like the US Raven. However these small UAVs tend to be more effective when directly incorporated into Army units. – Ian Bach.

Active Squadrons

Aircraft inventory

Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service Notes
Cessna 172 United States utility 18 to be delivered in 2007
Bell UH-1H Iroquois United States light-lift utility helicopter Huey II 16
Bell 206 JetRanger United States utility helicopter 5
Jordan Aerospace SAMA CH2000 Jordan liaison CH2000 8 8 more to be delivered
Lockheed C-130 Hercules United States tactical airlift/ transport C-130E 3
Mil Mi-17 Hip-H Soviet Union/ Russia medium-lift transport helicopter Mi-171


Beechcraft King Air 350 United States surveillance and reconnaissance 350ER 0 24 on order
Seabird Seeker Australia reconnaissance SB7L-360A 2 currently grounded


The following is a list of several pre-war types that have been reported on inventory or in storage. The condition of the following airplanes is relatively unknown. Most of these are likely to currently be non-operational. Many of these are still in production and should be able to be refurbished.