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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Syrian Army fighters stroll through liberated Handaraat.  (Image: Almonitor)
Handaraat:  The lying British media is spreading totally false tales of a successful terrorist counterattack at the towns of Handaraat, Bashkuwy, Tal-Al-Madhaafa and Al-Mallaah Farms.  I have access now to direct sources in northern Aleppo who have visitedHandaraat and have reported what they’ve seen to Wael in Latakia.  In actuality, Wael is now in Aleppo for some task having to do with his work on the coast.
Yesterday, the tally for dead rats in Handaraat exceeded 177, almost all Nusra andAhraar Al-Shaam cannibals.  The SAA has also destroyed 8 armored vehicles licensed in Turkey and provided to the rats by the Erdoghan terrorists regime.  The Syrian Army controls 90% of Handaraat with the remaining 10% on the verge of falling to the SAA any moment.  Nusra has been annihilated here.
In an effort to save face, or to recapture the old magic, Nusra prepared a huge BMB truck loaded with 8 tons of C-4 and military-grade TNT for suicide detonation.  But, this trick is old and the SAA is accustomed to these tactics.  The driver of the truck who attempted to approach the northern entrance to the town will never be known. The SAA fired anti-tank, wire-guided rockets at the speeding truck and exploded it.  If the driver exists at all, he exists as mist.
The Nusra force is about 3,500 rats – a formidable combat unit which is also experiencing many defections from the Syrian citizens within it.  Estimates are now that the Nusra army here is 90% foreigners with hundreds being from Central Asia and the Caucasus.  That is what’s left of the Nusra organization in HandaraatErdoghancontinues to ferry in supplies but with the SAA now controlling traditionally open supply routes north of this area, we are hearing, more and more, of SAAF sorties and bombings of convoys coming out of Turkey.
Syrian Army is in complete control of Bashkuwy, Seefaat and Al-Mallaah Farms.  The Syrian Army also controls 80% of the Tallat Al-Madhaafa area with the rats verging on surrender or death.
Hint:  With Handaraat falling into the hands of the government, watch for the assault on‘Anadaan which will finish off the rats in Aleppo proper and liberate all of Zahraa andNibbul.