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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Ivana Hoffmann a german Woman fighting with Peshmerga forces during clashes against #ISIS terrorists  near the town of Tel Temir in #Hasakah province, northeastern #Syria.  Ms. Hoffmann had been fighting for months in the ranks of the Kurdish Women Protection Units (#YPJ).

“Comrade Hoffmann was martyred during clashes against terrorists in the Assyrian countryside of Tel Temir,” YPJ female fighter Aylan Khalil told ARA News.  “She always insisting to be in the front lines during battles,” Khalil said. “She left her country (Germany) to join us and fight against enemies of humanity, the barbarian group of #Daesh (IS).”

Hoffman reportedly died over the weekend, when IS militants intensified their offensive against positions of the YPJ and the Popular Protection Units (YPG) in the countryside of Tel Temir.

The radical group had taken over several Assyrian villages near Tel Temir two weeks ago. Since then, the Kurdish forces and some Assyrian fighters formed a joint military force and started combating the group in the countryside of Tel Temir.

Hoffman is the third western fightier to die while helping the Kurdish Pershmerga fight the Islamic State  #ISIL #daeshbags. The other two were a British and an Australian who were also fighting with the Kurdish Peshmerga #YPG forces. Over 100 Western fighters have joined the Kurdish forces in Syria, including Americans, French, Spanish and Dutch fighters, among other nationalities.