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Thursday, June 19, 2014


2 good choices for president in Afghanistan

The run off votes have been cast. It will take a month before they count all the votes (yikes) Abdullah Gül got more votes, 10% more, than the other candidate Ashraf Ghani. Both men worked in the present president's cabinet. Abdullah is a Tajik this is the ethnic group that was only place the Taliban could not conquer.

Abdullah is part Tajik, part Pasthu, but many paint him as closer to his Tajik roots. Tajik is maybe 15% of population with their base in the North East of Afghanistan. Pashtu is about 70%a and main base is the southeast boarder of Afghanistan at the Pakistan boarder.. The Taliban come from the Pashtu tribe/ethnic group. Pakistan has about 70% Pashtu also.
Ashraf Ghani is a Pasthu he worked at the world bank he look like a Gandhi and sounds like Kermit the frog, but he looks to be a good person, it is actually who I thought would be best candidate from a ethnic line/lines, and his experience is amazing.But Abdullah would have been good to fight corruption. I expect calls of vote tampering wont get much attention and Ghani will get the position. Main reason I say that is the U.N. current president and others all want Ghani to win. If the U.N. wanted Abdullah to win we may have seen some investigations into the accusations.

Pashtu, Pashtoon, Pashton, and all the other spellings are all excepted spellings and the same thing an ethnic group Sunni Muslim. Currently their religious and other ethnic leadership has aligned themselves to the Saudi Arabia Wahhabi influences, which even view any non-Sunni as an enemy that should and must be killed / conquered. The ISIS/ISIL that is now attacking Iraq is lead by Saudi Arabians and funded by some very rich people in Saudi, Qatar, and Kuwait.The foreign fighters approx 20,000 of them are now fighting on the front lines in Syria and Iraq. So when the "News" says it is a civil war in Iraq, please call BS on that. ISIS/ISIL do not represent the average Iraqi or Syrian citizen/native.

The U.S. has been asked officially by Iraq government to help them fight against ISIS/ISIL. I predict that we will help with some direct air strikes, and also do some on the ground leadership and implementation of counter insurgency tactics and stratagem. Sad that we do not treat all nations alike. Helping the government fight an outside influence is what we should have done in Syria also. 160k dead so far in Syria, all because of outside not civil influences.