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Friday, October 12, 2007

John McCain - Videos and Articles

McCain Interview - Fall 2007
I hope you all view these video - PLEASE - John gives a very good insight into Iraq as well as America's important domestic needs, and he has a lot of experience working with other countries around the world. In the Senate they were calling the Surge "McCain's Surge". Trust me this guy not only "gets it" but listening to him you can learn some awesome new things.

John McCain - Video for the Web.mp4 Early 2007

Charlie Rose - U.S. strategy in Iraq - August 2007

Below Video Interview in approx. late 2005

2007 Pig Book - Sen. John McCain

I have been following the presidential debates and the various campaigns. For me there has been one person that stand alone from the pack. He doesn't do things different "just to be different". No the fact is he has ethics and convictions. While other presidential hopefuls are currently catering to public opionion, John McCain is the only one who consistantly ignores the public opionion polls about imigration, the war in Iraq, etc. I think John said it best, he said "I would rather lose the election than lose the war". I hope you view the Videos I have included here and I hope it encourages you to review McCains past achievements which include changing the direction of the Iraq War. In the Senate the Surge was nicknamed "McCain's Surge" by a current democrate presidential nominee. McCain was instrumental in exposing Jack Abramoff. Abramoff was the person who was stealing money from Indian reservations, and the American people. Click here for more details regarding Abramoff scandal.

His republican peers have perhaps been critical about John McCain, since McCain has been hardest on the republic party. He has cut wastefull spending and has worked hard to reform many broken systems in our government. Im my opinion McCain is a humble, kind, straight talker who cares about his country and can do a great job as President.,2933,301304,00.html

Australian PM John Howard Condemns Indonesian Party for Convicted Terrorists

Thursday, October 11, 2007