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Monday, October 15, 2007

The Next Step Part 2

Changing Directions

About a month ago I had some spare time to surf around Yahoo 360 Blogs of friend, their friends, and some random Blogs.

I had already been disgusted by main stream media orgs like TV or cable shows. Many so called News stations or broadcasts had become so lopsided by terrorists influences, liberals, and and other groups. The thing that is so bad about mainstream media News is...... bad news sells and News orgs know it. They continue to show only the bad side of things from car chases to road side bombs.

Now I have seen many ordinary people who want to help fight terrorism and/or radical Islamists/Jihadists. Many Blogs I saw have a heavy focus on Islam. In my opinion these people either have been surfing too many Jihadist web sites, or maybe surfing/reading islamaphobic Web sites (sites whose names and links I will not give out anymore). There are many organizations that cater to people’s fear of Islam and the stuff they talk about in their chat rooms, forums, Blogs, and/or web sites would be a Jihadist dream come true. Why would a Jihadist/Terrorist like/want American websites or even a personal Blogs that focuses on Islam? and creates or at a minimum feeds on Americans fears? Well if you have to ask that then you need to learn counter insurgency / counter terrorism. First rules of terrorism (Islamic or other) create fear amongst the population. So if you wish to help terrorist go for it but if I leave a comment don't hate me or take it personally. We are in a war, and propaganda and News, what we hear and what we see is the single most deciding factor on weather someone supports the war or not. The twisted News and the posting of al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations propaganda especially on the web has been the number one reason that is cited by captured suicide bombers on why they decided to fight or become a human bomb.

Since I started writing my Blog I have focused on talking about progress, facts, cultures, military history, Middle East history, and counter insurgency tactics and strategy.

I started this after I had seen a PBS special of some brave Afghans who risked everything to save artwork and their film archives (50 years of Afghan history) from destruction by the Taliban. These brave men did it not for fame or glory they did it because it was the correct thing to do, even if it meant they would be killed if caught. Also I had become so disgusted by some web sites, and Jihadist web sites that I started to report and help shut down terrorist and terrorist freindly web sites. That is when I realized I could not do it alone. So I decided I would attempt to create a virtual army of people who would take on the task of helping shut down bad web sites reporting them to FBI, IC3, and other agencies and to the servers. After I started writing the Blog I noticed people were more interested in some of my other articles that discussed the cultures, history, current events, and counter insurgency. I have been able to get some people to help in the fight to report bank scams, bad web sites, etc. and I am happy very happy about that and I feel every little bit helps. Some of the people I have met have gone on to create their own very nice web sites some focus on supplying links to informative sites and others are heavy on requiting, reporting, and fighting the online Jihadist.

So to those who are a wee bit too focused on Jihadist messages translations of the Quran, I say this STOP HELPING THE ENEMY.

This is not a Holy War.

Religion is a tool that is used to brain wash a subject religious population into going to war. But there is nothing holy about war. Jihadist are doing the same thing that other religions including Christians have done since the dawn of religion, Pagans, Aztecs, etc. all did the same thing.

Exposing or regugitating Jihadist teachings so all Americans can now view it in english is not the answer. Trust me. Exposing the brutal nature and unholy acts of the warfare terrorists wage is a much better way. But perhaps the best way is not to show differences but instead show our similarities and the correct path to peace.

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself "
FDR’s First Inaugural Address - Audio Click Here

Fear is a tool the terrorist uses to change citizens trust of their government into fear of their government and fear that their government can't protect them. This is how they get civilians to switch to their sides. Killing innocent civilians and propaganda is the terrorist main tools of warfare.

We must unite as a nation and we must stop the cycle of government bashing that is leading Americans to begin to fear a government that they should not fear (unless they are criminals). There are many distinct connections to terrorists propaganda and some of the anti US government hate or fear speech. The main one that comes to mind is the wirer taping. Why would anyone be afraid of our government wire tapping the phones of suspected terrorists? Yet today the controversy is worse than ever. I cheered when I heard we would be doing the wirer taping. The conspiracy theories are another area the Jihadist must be laughing at all the Americans who believe a complete lie. Bin Laden is on video tape taking credit for the attack on 9-11. Al Qaeda was also the ones who started the "it was Israel" or "it was Bush" theories. The later videos were created by al-Qaeda to get more people to become Jihadist warriors. But a strange thing happened along the way, some Americans... uninformed, naive, disenfranchised, or just plain stupid, were crazy enough to believe the propaganda created by terrorists. Now we have hundreds of conspiracy theory books that have been written by Americans. Many of the writers used lies from al Qaeda and depict it as fact (rolls eyes - it's called a theory because there is no proof) howver these same nut jobs, money hungry and feeding on peopels fears completly ignore CIA data, Defense Intelligence, NIST, the 911 commission, Building Inspectors, Demolition experts, Middle East experts.

So about a week ago I decided the new goal of my web site and blog will be to keep focusing on progress and good, and to encourage others to stop feeding the fear factor. I will continue to discuss counter insurgency methods and also to expose terrorists lies.