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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A conversation with General Petraeus

Click here for a 45 minute interview with General Petraeus.

I was so disgusted by the democrates grandstanding during General Petraeus's report to congress. Pro Democrate groups like slandering the Petraeus name even before he made his report to congress was just another push of public perception into the dirrection of ignorance. I was so ticked off by the democratic showboating that I just couldn't bare to watch anymore after only a short while of viewing it. The Democrates attempts to twist the facts, ask questions that are not in the control/duty of Patraeus, and then there was the complete idiots who choose not to ask questions, but instead to take the chance to basicly call General Petraeus a liar, well it makes this American sick.

The facts are the facts and if you wish to hear General Petraeus get into details about the facts, the current dynamics, the new dirrection, the political engine in Iraq, anbar, and very interesting take on Iran.......View the video link. It is the best interveiw I have seen with the general since the Anbar Awakening.