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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Is iran playing chess or checkers?

Iran has recently stated they may be willing to slow, reduce, or suspend production of enriched uranium (See AP story here). Currently Iran’s biggest problem is inflation, approx. 30% a year for past couple years. If they continue it will cause more inflation. Iran still insists its program is for nuclear power and not weapons. The UN investigators have estimated approximately 5-7 years before the Iranian program yields results. If Iran does continue to try and go it alone, the inflation in Iran will get a lot worse. Iran’s leadership should note this and be aware that the more inflation the more the citizens will demand change of leadership. However, it is most likely anyone who does speak out will be killed or imprisoned for it. Also Al Qaeda has brought Algerians into Iran and doing the Bank Scams there now also. These are big fund raisers for Al Qaeda. But these unethical people most likely are targeting not just western countries but also the citizens of Iran. They have been doing it in Algeria for about 15 years and they know how to milk a country of its money. They do more than just bank scams. They do identity theft and also counterfeiting. Most the counterfeit money has traditionally been printed in Austria (yes that Beautiful small European country - Argh I hate them, and I am half german, but if you knew how Austria assists funding of Terrorists it is sick), Austria has the most secret of banking systems/accounts.

Iran Nuke Facilities

The Afghan freedom fighter Ahmed Shah Massoud talked about how he and the terrorists use this banking system to fund their wars and to cause inflation. Massoud fought the Taliban, ISI, and al Qaeda in Afghanistan. He was our best ally against the USSR in 1970s to 1980s. I have an interview I read where Massoud was asked about the inflation it was causing in Afghanistan (interview around 1999-2001). He admitted it was bad for the nation but cited that the al Qaeda and Taliban were all doing it also. But most of all Massoud had very little funding and for him was necessary to continue to fight the terrorists. During this time he had been pleading for international help for about 5 years but only just before his death did the USA approve to fund the money. We lost a great tactician and ally that day. Two days later al Qaeda attacked the USA on 9/11. Massoud was the best ally we could of had and best chance to win against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.