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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Phoney War Medals - Hillary and Obama still playing flip floping

People wearing Phoney War Medals - Even politicians!! lol what idiots...
Isn't their some sorta law were we can shoot inposters? hehe!!!

What we can do for injured marines

Hillary and Obama continue to flip floping on war funding. They have no real opionion only a habit of catering to whoever they are speaking with and during significant timely instances. They are performing a propaganda battle almost equal to that of Al Qaeda and company. Maybe they are watching the wrong news agencies? or just wish to lie to get office, only to have to change their views or propel USA into a downward econmic and inflation problems. Worse of all is if they do pull out the problems will mushroom and extremists will see it as a win and america as a paper tiger.

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