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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The fact is the Web Sites we shut down are the Media machine not the actual First reporting sources. (i.e. the NOT the Actual Bad Guys) ISIS hunters and almost more so, normal everyday people report stuff to various Anonymous groups, to me (since 2007)  and some contact Gov Orgs and Host directly. People like me and many of the Anon groups notify FBI, IC3, and/or CIA or which ever of the Gov Org or Laws the web user or web site has broken.

It is not the voice of the terrorist that we seek hide from or put our heads in the Sand and ask "please make the bad man go away".

Instead when we have humans who report potential ISIS web sites and those are reviewed. Some are monitored others are sut down ASAP.  If you see something I would be happy to look at it and let you know what I think it actually is. Often I have been amazed at things people have asked me to help with. in 2007/08 I was contacted 8 different times 8 different users about 8 fake Mil IDs on  Yahoo that were saying very abusive stuff to military families. So the military families contacted me they pointed out the flaws the person made mistakes that a Lt. Col. would not have, (like in one Case).

The Web sites we seek to shut down as soon as we can are the Gore web sites beheadings etc. These are pure Propaganda and the terrorist do it to provoke a reaction from the West. The Bad Guys are hoping the West will overreach and get a backlash. That will assist the Bad guys with a whole new group of people who become more disenfranchised by any overreach reaction.

This is a true online battle for hearts and minds. So far the enemy is winning. ISIS is a Sunni Arab Wahhabi Supremacist
 movement the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda also follow the Wahhabi warped view of the Quran that you hear the islamophobia quoting.  We want to stop the Echo effect and the spread of the message. We have a few methods we can use. But it has to be done in a lawful way. 
 CIA Jobs - Operations Officer

The web sites we shut down. We do not shut down a suspected ISI or al Qaeda members sites (i.e., actual Bad guys web sites). People like me, Anonymous, and many Government Orgs monitor known ISIS and al Qaeda Web Sites.

However the ones that are Just Wannabe ISIS or just repeaters/bots that reTweet it to their many followers, are the ones we seek to shut down often and ASAP, to limit the audience of the terrorist's message. These Web Sites are often Masked as News sites. That way they can claim "Freedom of Speech". Ask them if you get a chance do the people in Raqqa have :Freedom of Speech". We know n fastest is the followers. who
the main Bad Guys are on Twitter. We also know Twitter is their main tool in their online propaganda machine. Many of the web sites are just Bot Accounts, that reTweet what the main accounts Tweet. 

Some countries have Sedition Laws. Most Countries have had Sedition laws in one form or another, most often in times of War.

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