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Friday, November 21, 2014

A thousand tears for every drop of Kurdish blood

We need somehow to wake up the western nations enough for them to realize….. Turkey does not care if Kobani falls, and in fact they rather hope it does. Most of the time insurgencies you can not use non native  troops to break it up because the local would side with the ethnically or religiously similar insurgents. However in the case of Kobani this is not true. Historically we know the Kurds not only accept outside help but within their communities they accept outside people and other religions they are a secular people with a very long history. Just like the Yazidis who had to flee to that hill and were on the verge of being wiped out by ISIS. The world cried foul…and a few days later there was some coalition backing to help and aide these people. We need that same level of backing for the Kurds on a whole, they have proven to be the fiercest resistors of so called radical islam or islamists or terrorist. I prefer the term terrorists since I do not see these groups as being Muslim. - Ian Bach