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Friday, November 21, 2014


FILE – This undated file photo posted on Monday, Nov. 4, 2014 by the Raqqa Media Office of the Islamic State group, a militant extremist group, shows an Islamic state group fighter in Kobani, Syria. For a force that has built its reputation on projecting an aura of momentum and invincibility, the prolonged stalemate in Kobani is a setback for Islamic State militants with potential implications in terms of recruitment and support. Nearly two months after it launched its lightning assault on the small Kurdish town, the group is bogged down with an increasingly entrenched and costly battle in which hundreds of its fighters have been killed and a good deal of its military apparatus destroyed. More than two months into its assault on Kobani, the Islamic State group still pours fighters and resources into trying to take the besieged Kurdish town, but the drive has been blunted. Aided by 270 U.S. airstrikes, the town’s determined Kurdish defenders appear to be gaining momentum, a potentially bruising reversal for the militants who only few weeks ago seemed unstoppable in their march to victory. (AP Photo/Raqqa Media Office, File)
I am listening to this audio from November 2, 2014
I am not sure who Tom Ashbrook is but he seems to be looking and finding decent intel. Too many news agencies use stringers (who are notoriously unreliable), normally have some slant, and have learned bad news pays more than good news
Note this is audio from November 2nd when Turkey was blocking aide to the besieged Kobani aka Kobane, aka ayn al Arab.
Turkey got a lot of flack in the news across the world for not letting aide into Kobani. It finanly got to the point a few days after the above audio report on kobani, Turkey started to tear gas the people watching on the hill in turkey that over looks the town. A BBS crew had a etear gas canister shot into their vehicle at about 10 feet away as they were leaving the area, actually driving away and they still got tear ggassed It smashed through their back window of the SUV. They all had to run out once they realized what was up. and someone had to grab the canister somehow as it was actually starting a fire? Then the Turkish troops. They kicked everyone out of the town in Turkey that is the sister city of Kobani. that went on for another 2 weeks. I think the pressure from Journalists who wanted access to report on Kobani played a big role in bringing public pressure to make the Turks finally allow the Kurdish people to bring some aide 150 men and some weapons and ammunition. It has been almost 2 weeks since then and the  Kurds seem to be doing good and gaining back parts of the city.
But it is still to soon to tell what the final result will be here. While Kobani has  a lot of people backing and routing for them, sadly there is almost no financial, material, men, intelligence – i.e Satellite and stuff the US DOD, CIA, State dept. and every other countries help. Yet we do not see this happening. Cries of the Kurds and all members of the PKK is BS, it is used by majorities to hold down minorities like the kurds. The Southeast corner of Turkey was once part of the greater Kurdish lands. These are historic lands and some may say “there never was a country called Kurdistan!!” I hear that line regurgitated from Islamists, Muslim brotherhood, and wahhabi’s alike.  Tiny people who all think they are better than god and everyone else who does not agree with them must die !!! The minds of the terrorists would appear, to the sane, that they must have small brains unable to grasp anything but medieval nonsense, and small thinking. If you ask me they are a bunch of mental midgets, and fat heads.
For now Kobani continues to be the city that is crying “FREEDOM” louder than any other city or place on earth. For now those of us who wish we could help, shall cry a thousand tears for every drop of Kurdish blood that it takes to defend this City and people from the mob of mindless trolls with their lil black flags and their twisted beliefs.
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