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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Kobani: The City That Stood Up To ISIS | msnbc

This video shows Kobani and proves the ISIL claims to be false. Kobane is alive and well and it is pushing the ISIL militants back and out of their dear city. I was a little ticked off at the reporter when he said that the Kobani will prove the US strategy is working. That is BS the US Turkey saudi Arabia all could not care less if Kobani fell. The thing that saved this city was the fact people could sit in safety across the boarder in Turkey and watch the fight close up. Turkey got to the point they actually kicked everyone out of the area. Apparently Turkey was hoping to stop all the reports and reporters. But that didn't work, eventually people saw how brave these people are and realized we need to help. While dropping one or two bombs here and there ( 2 months too late) may kill a couple ISIL fighters once in a while. The real heros are the Kurds and those who have gone there and are there on the ground doing the real work. - Ian Bach

Long live the Kurdish Nation, long live ayn al Arab