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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Former British infantryman joins Kurdish fighters in Kobani, Syria

A newest western fighter among the Kurds in Kobani is a former British soldier. He is fighting with the Kurds against the Islamic State in Syria, according to reports. James Hughes from Reading, Berkshire, is said to have travelled to Rojava, northern Syria, to volunteer in the fight against militants laying siege to Kobani.
Mr Hughes’ Facebook profile suggests he left the British Army this year after five years service, including three tours of Afghanistan. His age is unclear. Pictures distributed on pro-Kurdish Twitter accounts meanwhile have shown another British volunteer ready for battle alongside the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).
Jamie Read, from Newmains, North Lanarkshire, who is friends with James Hughes on Facebook, is pictured alongside Jordan Matson, 28, a U.S. veteran who travelled to Syria and volunteered with the YPG in October. His Facebook profile suggests he’s trained with the French army. In the days running up to his departure from the UK, Mr Read wrote on Facebook: ‘Well boys and girls…. It looks like all the hard work has payed off I got my good news, most of you know what i’m doing for those that don’t you will have to wait haha can’t really say on here but all I can say is this time next week i will be living the dream.’
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