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Sunday, November 23, 2014

History of Women in the Kurdish Army / Peshmerga

The Kurdish Army i.e. the Peshmerga (which literally translates to "one who faces death"

After the 1st Gulf war Pres. Bush Sr. told the Iraqi people as he was pulling the troops out of Iraq, he told them to stand up and overthrow Saddam. The Peshmerga and I forget the name of the group of people from the Marshes in the South east of Iraq Basha? maybe anyways they did stand up and were ready to overthrow Saddam, only problem was they though Bush was saying he would help if they did that, he did not, and 10s of thousands of brave men and women died because of this.

For those who do not know we often use the term Kurdistan, the ISIS will cry foul call all Kurds dogs etc etc, but the fact is the Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world without a country approx. 28 million.

They were a nation before the West invented the Flag. But it was never recognized as a nation and has been fought over as far back as recorded history can take us. They were invaded by the Greeks, ROmans, Christian, Turks, Iranians and others. Today parts of the original Kurdistan are now in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Armenia.

This video takes about the Peshmerga and its history, it also focuses on the women who fight in the peshmerga.

The Turkish Government which is overly influenced by Sunni Arabs with at a minimum have a wahabi bent, has labeled the Peshmerga and the PKK and YPG as terrorist groups. I however would love to see the Kurds get  the Nation that they have inhabited forever. For months Turkey would not let the Peshmerga enter Kobani from the Turkish side. This after Turkey has let over 30,000 foreign fighters into Syria. Turkey caused the problem by backing bad guys, just because they had a dislike for Syria's President. Some have said that Turkey wants to regain its former glory of the Ottoman Empire. One thing is for sure the Kurdish people have shown the world they will fight for their freedom stronger and harder than anyone else.