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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Case For And Against Intervening In Syria

The Case For And Against Intervening In Syria

•It’s the right thing to do, maybe
•Let American people finally sleep at night after years of being 
tormented by thoughts of innocent Syrians dying
•Will put thousands of honest, diligent American Tomahawk cruise 
missiles back to work
•We’re the good guys
•Syrian people deserve to be free of a psychotic, oppressive dictator 
for a few weeks
•Moral obligation to our defense industry
•Footage of missiles being launched off decks of ships, green
night-vision images, aerial shots of explosions—all that good stuff
•We have plenty of money, a fresh, rested military—why not?
•Be nice to throw Kathryn Bigelow* a bone
•Chance for Obama to put an exclamation point on an already great year
•It’s been a while since we did one of these things

•Someone might be hurt, or even die
•Could turn Russia and Iran against U.S.
•Fear of setting a precedent of military action without U.N. approval
•Slight, really almost infinitesimal chance that intervention might be a
completely ineffectual act that even further destabilizes the region,
touching off massive anti-American sentiment while allowing jihadist
radicals to take power
•Painful memories of intervening in Rwandan genocide (Hah!)
•It’s hard
•Bashar al-Assad just had a baby. A baby!
•Bush invaded a foreign country. If Obama invades a foreign country, he
will be like Bush. It is not good to be like Bush.
•If we ever want to patch things up with Assad, this won’t exactly make
that conversation a cake walk
•Situation might work itself out

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