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Friday, December 28, 2007

Response from

I recently received a reply from the IRS scam I sent/reported  to a few places. one of those is where I report any Bank scams I receive in emails or IMs. Once in a while I get a funny remark back from a reviewer on a specific bank scam I report to them. Things like wow you must be really cold hearted, then talk about how they wouldn't click on the email either, and a nice thank you..... hehe.

These guys do great things no one else seems interested in. I hope to encourage others to help report these scams 

Here is Scamarama's response to the IRS Scam mail. ( by the way - one of the places I sent the info about the Scam was to )


Thanks for sharing the scamosity. You could complain to the e-mail 
provider(s) and the hoster of the web site.

E-mail provider (apparently):
% whois --> Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, 
Dubai (contact info spits out) (see

But, it could also be:
X-Originating-IP:[] --> Cooperative Communications, NJ 

The above could be forged. The response from the ISPs will tell you.

The web host feels more certain than the e-mail providers.

Hoster of fraudulent web site (apparently):
(that's what's under 'click here')

% dig -->
% whois --> (theVault SRL - Webhosting 
Services) (contact info spits out) (see

Sorry to say, but Romania, Brazil - these are suspect, based on long  experience with barrages of attacks from those places.

It may or may not be fruitful to contact the web ISP. Might be better to contact and Artists Against 419  (

And, of course, the IRS:,,id=170894,00.html
.. Recipients of questionable e-mails claiming to come from the IRS  should not open any attachments or click on any links contained in  the e-mails. Instead, they should forward the e-mails to (follow the instructions). ..."

Hope this helps. Best wishes for a scam-free '08 !