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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ignorance is Bliss (NOT !!!)

The above pitcure is a SR-71 - Click here for Video of recently Retired A12.

Our News has changed from family owned companies to publicly traded companies. Now the "bottom line" is the bottom line, not facts. Money is the factor and ethics have gone straight out the window. As John Stewart said "Fake News sells".

I am constantly amazed at the average persons ignorance. But when the ignorance they nurture is a result of the Commercialization of our News, I have to ask my self "when will the ignorant man notice he has taken the wrong path". Our Commercialized News infects, sways, and creates a false News in our nation as well as the world view. The whole sale selling off of our public voice in exchange for ignorance and a fasle view on humanity, ethics, and realities.

Perspectives and world oppinion based on TV shows.

It is sad for me when I hear people who think they understand our satellite capabilities.

Shows like 24 (Jack Bower) or some of the others I don't watch like CIS?? Sorry I dont have a clue of the shows because I simply dont watch those or cop shows or TV News. I may be ignorant about the latest hip TV show, but I think some common sense and knowledge about satellite history and capabilities is easily accessible to anyone except the producers of these over the top shows. I have heard some of my own friends and other people I meet who think that satellites can do things from protect and watch borders to other assumptions like thinking we can track anyone.

Most imagery satellites are NASA satellites and while the data is available to the CIA, DI, and others it is not "real time data". In other words, looking at satellite images is not like looking at TV. Also the voluminous amounts of data is to the extent that humans and/or even the most mega computer could never dissiminate all the data all the time. Indeed tens of thousands of observers/reviewers of the data still yield only a grain of sand worth of knowledge on the global events. Most of our Imagery used in the battlefield is actualy from airplanes and drones. It is targeted to obtain information from an area and time that it is deemed "may" be fruitful. But to think we can follow all the people on the ground at all times is a joke. We can attach sensors to our personnel and use those to track them. But we can not watch the entire boarder (all the time) of even our own nation, yet people assume we can do this on other boarders around the world.

Bottom line our sattellite intelligence is very limited in respect to the publics perception of same.

Even real time images like those from some airplanes and some drones can not tell us if a person is good or bad. We can't even tell if a convoy of trucks loaded with men firing their AK-47s into the air are terrorists or a wedding party. While we do have new programs and satellites in the works, it will be decades before our capabilities come even close to current public perception.