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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"The War" Ken Burns

World War II documentary on PBS. With the slogan, "During extraordinary times, their are no ordinary people."

I am looking forward to viewing this 7 part documentary that focuses on interviews with U.S. veterans and the people back home. PBS will be airing the documentary soon. In Los Angles it will start Sept. 23rd on KCET.

Some people have voiced views that the show neglects the contributions of Hispanic Americans during WW2. San Fransisco will be airing an edited version omitting some language (Ian rolls his eyes). I know Berkley is a communist nursery...... but come on guys. Someone please smack these hippies with their dang love beads and wake them up.

Ken Burns picked 4 small towns. I don't know of any major Hispanic forces created from the 4 small towns Mr. Burns picked. But I want to say this. Hispanics did contribute much to the U.S. effort. However there was also an all Japanese Unit that was one of the most decorated (per man) Unit in WW2. There was also the Black Airmen that flew P-51 Mustangs defending B-17 Bombers over Berlin, they were another one of our best military Units. The fact is if I made a documentary I am sure I would be talking with Americans with Scottish or German decent, like myself. I would be able to understand their struggle and plight and cultural values more readily than if I tried to understand someone with African, Asian or Hispanic heritage/decent. So I say get over it and make a Hispanic documentary and PBS I am sure will air it. They have aired them in the past and I have enjoyed those and ones about the Japanese and Black troops.

One thing is certain as a result of Ken Burns Documentary many more of the 17 million living veterans will now have a chance and know where to tell their story. The Library of Congress will now get a lot more backing and data for their "the Veterans History project" which collects stories and interviews from veterans and family members. The Veterans history Project collects information and story's from all war veterans in America. From letters during the Cival war, through WW1 and WW2, to the modern Gulf wars. So I say good job Mr. Burns for allowing so many people to find an outlet to tell their storys so that generations to come will be able to read and learn more, and to view War threw the eyes of those who have lived it and those at home who bare its toll. - Ian Bach