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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Australia's immigrants must commit to "mateship"

Looks like the Aussie are not only ahead of USA and Britian, now they are way ahead of us.

Sun Aug 26, 3:34 AM ET
CANBERRA (Reuters) - People who want to become Australians will have to commit to broad values of "mateship" and may need to brush up on horse racing and political history under new citizenship tests outlined by the government on Sunday..............

........"It emphasizes that those becoming a citizen in Australia have an overriding commitment to Australia, to our laws, to our values and to our community," Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews told a news conference on Sunday.

The new tests, and laws to ensure immigrants must spend four years in Australia instead of three to become citizens, are part of a government push to promote "Australian values" after riots between Muslim and non-Muslim youths at a Sydney beach in 2005.

Australia is a nation of immigrants, with one in four of Australia's 21 million people born overseas. Andrews said the new rules and tests would help new citizens integrate into Australian society.

Under the new rules, immigrants and people coming to Australia to work will also need to sign up to a statement of Australian values, which mentions "mateship," equality, freedom of religion and support for democracy and the rule of law...........

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