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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Updates on Baqubah

Getting the people food, water, fuel, electricty and the essentials needed to bring back some normal life. The American general in the Video gives a lot of credit to the Iraqis for getting the basic necessaties to the people in Baqubah, but I know the American Military actualy was a very big part of making that happen as quickly as it did. However they don't like to admit it or take any credit for a lot of great work they do to push local government and Iraqi army for the organization of essential items.

Brig. Gen. Bednarek on Operation Arrowhead Ripper


This edition features stories on the killing of a senior al-Qaida terrorist in Samarra, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps Gen. James Conway visiting Marines in Camp Victory, U.S. Soldiers hunting for improvised explosive devices and Operation Eagle Ares. Hosted by Staff Sgt. Alana Ingram.