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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Afghanistan Dutch Forces - Video

The Dutch have a hard place to protect. It is the vital road for supply to British troops in the Southwest of Afghanistan.

There is a short video after that link above of Iranians who are bike riding for peace. they started in Europe and now are in America. It is nice to see these Iranians speaking up for peace.

Many Americans wonder why do the Muslims who do not believe in Terrorism stand up. But I try and tell people this is like if you lived in south los angeles. There are many gangs in some areas. When someone is killed all are afriad to speak or they may be killed next. I work with gangs to help them see similarities. When I ask gang members how do you get someone to speak up they all get silent. They all agree they understand better and its really the first question I ask ex gang members when I teach them anti terrorism techniques and counter insurgency methods. Also I help them to get the info to friends they have serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The info is designed to empower them on currect way to work with people and to understand when no one wants to talk this may be because they can not talk maybe someone is watching them. Also I tell them to work with their commanders and let their commanders know they are ex gang members so they can talk and work on techniques and tactics.

There is anti-terorist FBI training If anyone wants click on FBI website it is sorta easy to find. You don't get paid you just get trained. But any policeman, fireman, and hazardous waste professional or community leaders should take the class.