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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pakistans and Indias new nightmare

Kashmir is just east of Pakistan and is a highly fought over and disputed territory. Pakistan and India have waged war against each other in this region for decades. It is a mountainous area with little infrastructure. The Pakistan government has used Pashtun Taliban warriors to do most of the work in Kashmir. Today Pakistan controls the North half of Kashmir and India the South half. Presently there are no real boarders between Pakistan, Kashmir, and north or south Kashmir. The boarder change daily.

So why am I talking about Kashmir? What is their new nightmare?

Obama announced today that he would work to settle the dispute on Kashmir and then Pakistan would not need so many troops in Kashmir and could use those troops to attack the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the Paki NWFP. Sounds like a nice idea, eh ?

The Problem is Pakistan uses Taliban warriors in Kashmir to do most of the fighting and the governance. So instead of getting Pakistan’s military out of Kashmir (which won't happen) Obama will have a nice surprise of some additional ticked of Taliban tribes to deal with in NWFP and Afghanistan.

World War 3 here we come.

India and Pakistan both have nukes and have come very close, on several occasions, to using these weapons of mass destruction against each other. India has had a friend in President Bush and so did China. But it appears the honeymoon is over. India and Pakistan response to Obama’s remarks regarding Kashmir went something like this "stay out of it".

Ignorance and Arrogance = Obama

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"If you drag your google maps to the region where Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and China blur together. You'll see a mess of dotted lines that guestimates the region I'm taking about. Maybe Osama in there. We know the Taliban and al Qaeda are there. Pakistan is blocking our troops from going there. And after this week, democracy is not going there either. Following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, my prediction for the winter is that there will be no elections in Pakistan and the military will reinforce martial law."

Also if you want to see some excellent info onthis subject search the State Department and CIA Fact Book reports about Kashmir.