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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Excellent Articles from young princeton ROTC student in Iraq

Wesley Morgan photo above

I just finished reading an Arab Blog I try and visit often, since he finds such unique sources of information in Iraq and always has an intelligent take / brief on the Links he posts on his Blog.

Like Abu Muqawama I was blown away when I saw the 19 year old journalists picture, he looks very young but his writting speaks volumes and you can sense the interest and excitment this young man is enjoying on his quest for knowledge and information on Iraq. I highly recommend Mr. Wesley Morgans Blog. it is very detailed and you feel like you are walking with him, and feel, every step he takes. - Ian Bach

This entry LINK below caught my eye at Wes's Blog, and I hope you find the people he met as interesting as I do.
Sunday, August 5, 2007
July 31-August 5: Meeting People


Abu Muqawama

Oh my goodness, check out this kid's blog. This kid is a student at Princeton University and is, incredibly, spending the summer shadowing David Petraeus around Iraq. Abu Muqawama saw this picture of the kid and almost lost it -- Jeez, he looks about twelve. Having said that, he's a pretty good writer, and Abu Muqawama has been enjoying his long dispatches. Only one question: out of all the journalists in the world who would love the chance to follow David Petraeus around Iraq (Abu Muqawama included), he chooses a reporter for the Daily freaking Princetonian? Abu Muqawama is a graduate of this university, so perhaps he's taking it too hard.