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Monday, July 23, 2007

Video and Articles by Michael Yon

Hello, I hope you enjoy these Videos and articles as Much as I do. - Ian Bach

Recent unedited video from front lines near al Qaeda strong Hold city of Baqubah.

"Captain Baker gave an important interview on video. Captain Baker, who in Captain Clayton Combs’ words is “an excellent soldier,” is from the Kurdish north, but Baker said he is Iraqi first, Kurdish second. He said that American Special Forces had trained him. Apparently the Special Forces did a good job. Captain Baker and his Iraqi soldiers, or “jundi,” get high marks from American soldiers. In the video, Captain Baker shared interesting details about the killing of Zarqawi back in 2006. Zarqawi had been the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, until he was killed nearby by U.S. bombs." by Michael Yon - Reporter on a current embed with US forces on the front lines.


"Colonel Townsend clarified the purpose of the meeting; it was not to formalize relations or to establish a chain of command, but to work out ways of cooperating to bring better days to Baqubah. "

'Colonel Townsend’s staff had prepared a slideshow that started off with a draft of “7 Rules.” The final version of the 7 Rules were open to discussion and suggestions from those in attendance. The rules were followed by an Oath, also still in draft."
by Michael Yon a Vietnam Veteren working to Reporting from the front lines of the War in Iraq

"Please read: "7 Rules: 1 Oath""
Live video interview with U.S. Soldiers on the front line of the surge, fighting terroism and working well with the Iraqi Army.