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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kern River - Me Rafting down the Kern river with a broken arm in cast.

This is a great video. One of my friends bought a video from the river rafting adventures place. I edited it. I took all the places commercials and junk out and added a very cool song from a band I don't think exists anymore. The music alone is reason to view this video.

There is 2 sets of rafts in the video. I kept some parts of the other group of river rafters that went with us on seperate raft. Their raft overturns at one point and it was caught on video here. They have the 2 girl guides (Guides steer at back of the rafts) We had John and he was great. He even asked if any of my group wanted to try our hand at steering (piloting the raft) which includes telling your raft mates when to paddle and on which side etc. Of couse I had alredy been itching to pilot the raft so I was very pleased to do so. We did well and never overturned. The water is very cold. PS I am the Bald guy with the goatee and a blue fiberglass cast on right arm/wrist.