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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Black Watch - Scottish Highlands Elite Regiment

The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) website

The web site is dedicated to all the officers and men who have served in the Regiment its long and distinguished history. The site focuses on the Regimental Museum and Shop, the Regimental Association and it provides a link to the serving officers and soldiers of the Black Watch Battalion.

The Black Watch are arguably Scotland’s best known Regiment which served the Crown, for over 266 years from September 1739 to March 2006. It retains a worldwide reputation as a fiercely proud and professional Regiment which gained 164 Battle Honours and 14 Victoria Crosses "VCs" during its history.

The most recent Battle Honours were awarded in 2005 and include the Theatre Honour “Iraq 2003” and the Battle Honour “Al Basrah”.

As part of the Government’s 2006 reorganisation of the Army, the Black Watch will not be a Regiment in its own right but will become a battalion within a new Scottish Regiment. We hope that the Black Watch name will live on in a new guise.

When you here the bag pipes playing amazing grace "(That music is originally from the song "Scotland the Brave"). For most of ya it may be a little hard to understand what they are saying. Me Mum is Scottish immigrated to USA in 1965 at age 19. This Article and Video is me saying I love you Mom.