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Friday, June 8, 2007

Never give up never surrender

I decided that because there is so many times that I want (or need) to vent and times I just want to get stuff off my chest. It is bad to keep stuff bottled up inside and publishing my personal life on my counter terrorism Blog is not the place for it.

I don't want to distract from my goals here about creating awareness and bring real News, and News about good things that the Media doesn't talk about.

I also want to keep this Blog focused on my most important goal of exposing terrorist propaganda and creating awareness.

I also plan to start to add info here on yahoo360 on how to stay safe while surfing the web, how to ignore/block unwanted comments from jerks, and mean people. I will attempt to teach how to keep you and your computer safe and clean from spyware, viruses, phishing, bank scams, and identity theft.

So I am not sure if anyone wants to see the other side of me but I decided to create a Journal Blog. It feeds to my dot com (

The Address for the Journal is

I lived with Mormons for almost 3 years back when I was young about 19-21. They are good people and the focus on family life and personal wellness. This is something that should be praised. They are taught to be very ethical, honest, good humans. One thing I learned was that they promote writing a Personal Journal and I do believe and all of them or anyone who keeps a journal will tell you that it helps them in many ways. - Ian Bach