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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Internet Safety - Tips to protect you and your computer

As promised here is some online tips and here is link to a wen sie that can help you learn the basics - Ian Bach

Basic online safety tips to protect you and your computer

  • Configure and use e-mail filters to block spam.
  • Install and use a firewall, pop-up blocker and spyware detector.
  • Ensure that your virus definitions are up to date and run anti-virus and spyware detectors/cleaners regularly.
  • Learn how to configure your computer to keep all of these solutions working efficiently.

Keeping yourself, your family and your computer protected is essential if you want to enjoy a safe Internet experience. If you are worried about viruses, spyware or any other Internet danger and want to find out more about keeping yourself safe online and/or maintaining your computer, follow the links on this page.

  • Chat safety
    Cell phones, chat rooms, instant messaging, IRC, newsgroups, bulleting boards, forums, online gaming
  • E-mail safety
    Phishing, scams and fraud, spam, spoofing, viruses
  • Personal information safety
    Hacking, identity theft, online shopping and auctions, spyware, Web site safety

Other online safety issues