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Friday, June 8, 2007

Darfur Genocide - Secret Arab Supremacy Group behind these crimes

Picture above is from a refugee camp in Bahai, Chad. Hadiya "Adam Ahmed, who recently crossed into Chad, lives under a tree. She was shot twice by a Sudanese soldier guarding a well."

Supremacism and the Arab "Tajamu al-Arabi"

Wikipedia's entry "Supremacism" is the belief that a particular race, religion, gender, belief system or culture is superior to others and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control or rule those who do not. Examples include supremacism based on ethnic or anthropological origins (white supremacy, black supremacy, ethnocentrism), sexuality (male supremacy, female supremacy) and religion

Attempts at justification
Following the development of theories such as
evolution and eugenics, supremacists have sought scientific justification for their views through notions such as Social Darwinism. The most notorious and far-reaching example is probably the Nazi belief in an Aryan master race, which ultimately led to the the Holocaust

Video of Darfur Eyewitness
Former United States Marine Brian Steidle describes what he saw while in Darfur with the African Union Monitoring Force. March 2005, 10 minutes.

Video "Staring Genocide in the Face"
Jerry Fowler, Director of the Committee on Conscience, relates stories told by refugees in Darfur. May 2004, 7 minutes.

For anyone who doesn't think that the terrorists like al-Qaeda have plans to take over the world read this.

I was doing some research on China and found they are funding the government in Sudan. Sudan is where Dafur is. If you don't know yet about the genocide that is going on since 2004 in Dafur I hope you read this. First let's talk about why I mentioned "Supremacism" in my articles title. While reading some reputable sources about Sudan and after looking at google earth only to see a ton of icons like flames hundreds of them in the Darfur region. There is red flame icons and yellow flame icons. The red flame icons click on and the 95-100% of the buildings were destroyed. The yellow Icons had about half or more of the buildins in the villigaes destroyed. The icons brings up text that indicates the number of buildings destroyed and number of buildings of the village. These villages burnt to the ground had been attacked by the government airforce and the militia, I decided to check into this more deeeply. While reading about how the genocide started I found out about a secret meeeting between Moussa Hilal who is the leader - amid - of a secret Arab supremacist organization called "Tajamu al-Arabi". Hilal met withother regional Arabs and Arab warlords in Sudan. They discussed "Tajamu al-Arabi". Tajamu al-Arabi can be translated to as "Arab Alliance," "Arab Gathering," "Arab Congregation" and "Arab Congress."

The "Tajamu al-Arabi" believes in Supremacism. Which is Arab supremicy with the current goal of taking over North Africa and the ultimate goal of World Domination.

Little is known about this secret organization, it has roots in Moammar Gadhafi’s Libya and is in active contact today, (according to the documents), with "intelligence and security leaders" from other Arab countries. It's ultimate objective of Darfur was decided and spelled out in directive from Hilal’s headquarters in August 2004 . The objective was to "Change the demography of Darfur and empty it of African tribes." Thus Confirming control of Military Intelligence over Darfur. The directive was addressed to at least (3) three intelligence services - the Intelligence and Security Department, Military Intelligence and National Security, and the ultra-secret "Constructive Security" or Amn al-Ijabi.

For more details click this link for current Video information text, and Audio about Darfur from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council web site.

Currenly two (2) million people are displaced internaly, 300,000 displaced to Chad and approx. 400,000 dead. Most of the dispalaced civilians are staving and malnurited.

There is text and videos and audio about what is going on. Of the many interviews by various peace keeping and humanitary rights orgs all tell the same story. First it will start with air attacks. The air attacks use anti personnel rockets that toss out thousands of nail like anti-personel projectials from rockets launched fromthe gun ships. Then the militia come on horseback and camels, they loot the village, kill men, kill boys, and gang rape women. Then they load their looted item onto trucks and then burn almost every building in the village.

Moussa Hilal: A Big Sheikh
On February 27, 2004, hundreds of armed men mounted on camels and horses attacked the town of Tawila on the eastern slope of Jebel Marra, the heart of the Fur lands. By the time the attack was over, three days later, 75 people had been killed, 350 women and children abducted and more than 100 women raped. Overseeing this mayhem, moving between a temporary headquarters in a large canvas tent and a convoy of five Landcruisers protected by mounted men, was Moussa Hilal, 44, the most powerful leader of the government-supported militias that have come to be known as the Janjaweed. In the days before the attack, more than 500 Janjaweed had converged on Tawila from different directions and congregated, without interference from any of the government forces in the area, in a makeshift camp on a nearby hill. This was more than Arab raiders settling old scores. These Janjaweed had light and medium weapons, communication, internal structure - and impunity. The state capital, Al-Fasher, is only 64 kilometers miles away from Tawila and Governor Osman Youssef Kibir was fully informed of the attack while it was continuing. But it was only on the third day, after the Janjaweed withdrew, that the governor sent representatives to Tawila.

Confident of the impunity afforded him by the government, and of international community’s refusal to match its bark with bite, Hilal has amused himself by playing word games while his men burn Darfur. He has never convincingly denied the crimes he stands accused of, nor shown any regret over the destruction of Darfur, its people and its multi-ethnic society. He has only protested at being called "Janjaweed" - a word customarily used to refer to outlaws and highwaymen from Chad. "The Janjaweed are bandits, like the mutineers. It is we who are fighting the Janjaweed." What Hilal does not deny, indeed relishes, is being a government agent. "A big sheikh. Not a little sheikh." As the father in his desert tent took pride in his independence, so does the son in his Khartoum villa, many hundreds of kilometers away from Darfur, take pride in being the government’s man, "appointed" by the government to fight against the rebels. "I answered my government’s appeal, and I called my people to arms. I didn’t take up arms personally. A tribal leader doesn’t take up arms. I am a sheikh. I am not a soldier. I am soldiers!"

In the figure of Moussa Hilal, Arab supremacism has converged with criminal impunity, and the result has been cataclysm. Hilal’s public position is that, at the request of the government, he raised a tribal militia to fight the rebellion in Darfur. This is true, as far as it goes. In December 2003, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir vowed publicly to "use the army, the police, the mujahideen, and the fursan to get rid of the rebellion."

But there is more to Hilal’s war than he acknowledges publicly. In the documents that we obtained, Hilal makes clear he is doing more than merely combatting a rebellion. He is waging jihad, "cleaning our land of agents, mercenaries, cowards and outlaws." He urges steadfastness despite the spotlight focused on Janjaweed activities. "We promise you that we are lions, we are the Swift and Fearsome Forces. We fear neither the media and the newspapers nor the foreign interlopers." He sends greetings to his supporters, a roll call of some of the most important men in national and regional government: "Major General Omar al-Bashir. Ustaz Ali Osman Mohammad Taha, vice president and the hero of Sudan. Brother Major General Adam Hamid Moussa, governor of South Darfur. Air Force General [Abdullah] Safi al-Nur. Brother Ustaz Osman Mohammad Youssef Kibir, governor of North Darfur" and the man who turned a blind eye to the rape of Tawila.

Hilal signs himself, "The Mujahid and Sheikh Moussa Hilal, emir of the Swift and Fearsome Forces," the main division of the Janjaweed forces based at Misteriha, the Janjaweed control center in North Darfur. He is not a common Janjaweed criminal. He is a holy warrior, tribal leader and commander in chief. - Cick Here for more information about Hilal and Darfur, and Sudan.

The link to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council web site also has info about genocide in Chechnya, Balkins, Central Africa and other areas of concern throughout the world. - Ian Bach