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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yahoo Questions and Answers

I really enjoy the Yahoo forum called "questions and answers". Someone once said "there are no dumb questions, just dumb answers."

Having said that you can view my dumb (wink) answers link on right side of the Yahoo Q&A - Bar below.

Here was a good question and my attempt to answer same:

How do I edit my Blog Roll?

I want to make links to my blog posts.

Also how do I add a favorite web site?

How to add Links to your Yahoo 360 Page / Blog Roll.

Say I do an Entry about yahoo Q and A.

What I do is add “tags” (link is on the bottom of you Blog entries)

Add “tags” like:

yahoo, questions, answers, .yahoo_q_a

Something like .yahoo_q_a would be a good Target “tag”

Here are two (2) methods to use this:

After you publish the Blog entry click the tag with the “.text” copy the address from your internet explorer address bar. It should look like this:

You can also do it this way:

Copy/past your Blogs Address, then Edit it and add you yahoo id and the tag as follows

Example Copied Link shown here:

Another way is say I want to link my entry about Ahmed Shah Massoud the “Lion of Panjshir”

So I click “top page” (link near your yahoo picture, top left) not “my top page” then click “Blog” not “My Blog”

It may look like this:

Then you will need to edit that

Use your yahoo id and the dot “tag” (.massoud in this case)

Then replace the text in “Blog Roll” as follows

Delete the “blog-maffXBw4eqgt97WCgUj”

Add your info (yahoooID?tag=.text) like this, ianbach?tag=.massoud like shown here:

Add a link: Click the “Edit My Blog Roll”

Copy the web page address

Paste it on right side and write a description of the Link on the left.

Add you profile link: Be sure like mentioned above that you don’t click “My Top Page” or the link won’t work since that’s Your logged in status page, and can’t be viewed by others. So click the “Top Page” link above your yahoo Avatar or Picture.

It should look like this:

If it looks like this you are looking at your view not public view:;_ylt=AvDPWdpU68xf.EdwLawn33mqAOJ3

Best Wishes,

Ian Bach