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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Future of Iraq

All of you have seen the present and the past in Iraq. The Media loves to brag about how bad things are or how devastating life is for the Iraqis. How many of you have seen the future of Iraq?

Probably not many of you.

I'm so blessed to be here and helping the future of Iraq. For the record, the reconstruction of Iraq is being done by Iraqis. The US and Coalition Forces are aiding where we can but the work is being done by Iraqi contractors and Iraqi workers with support (albiet more vocal than anything else) from the Government of Iraq. These children of a Sunni community in Baghdad are studying in a school that has recently been refurbished and expanded so that all students can go to school in safety and get the education they deserve. The contractor who built this is Sunni. The children received school supplies. There was enough for each student and staff.

The contractor who provided this is Shiite.

Next time you hear the term, "Civil War", remember this...

The Iraqi on the street in the communities want peace and security. It's the power play between politicians who are hurting these wonderful children. Leaving them to this would be tragic, to say the least.

These are beautiful kids...

By Chris Cline

I would like to thank Chris for bringing us real News about what is really going on in Iraq. Thanks Chris!!! from Ian Bach.