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Monday, April 16, 2007

15 minutes of fame into 15 minutes of shame

If we can turn the radicals 15 minutes of fame into 15 minutes of shame we can turn the tide of this war against terrorists.

Send me your ideas and info about great role models of today and in history.

I am currently working on bringing some more news on progress in Iraq and the world. One of the things to bring into the light is the need to talk about and honor good moderate heroes of Muslims. The news focuses on our differences not all the similarities. It also gives the terrorists free publicity. But we can change that. There have been many moderate Muslims who have fought (weather it be with weapons or with words) to bring peace and keep their ethnic, religious, and freedoms intact. Some have had to fight with weapons against evil forces, others have helped bring understanding and knowledge that helped change and protect their people. It is important today to give people hope and good role models.

Also If anyone knows of any good iraq or afghan militay you tube videos I would like to add them after I review them. Also the videos / shorts in recent posts are not made by me. you can click to get to the poster of the videos. I am working on making some maybe this weekend. But mine will focus on good only. cya soon - Ian Bach