military operation in kurdistanPeople’s Defence Forces (HPG) press and communication center has issued a written statement related to military activity of the Turkish army.

The HPG reported in the statement that Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles performed reconnaissance flights over Xakurke area of Media Defence Zones between 4 pm April 28 and 4 am April 29.
Also, between 4 pm and 5 pm on April 28, an activity of warplanes took place.
Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles performed reconnaissance flights over;
– Mamreş territory of Şemdinli district of Hakkari province between 18.00 and 19.30 on April 28, and
– Şehit (Martyr) Gafur and Şuke areas of Avashin border line between 20.00 pm and 12.00 am on April 28.
Warplanes mobility took place over Şuke, Şehit Gafur and the border between 20.00 and 23.00 on April 28.
According to the statement, Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles performed intensive reconnaissance flights on 28 April over;
– Heftanin area of Media Defence Zones and border line between 14.30 and 16.00,
– Şkefta Bîrîndara, ÇÎyayê Reş, Ertuş, Cîloyê Piçuk areas of Zap region, border line areas between 16.00 and 22.00, and
– Metina area between 21.00 and 00.00.
Warplanes mobility was observed over Zap region between 20.00 and 21.00.
Military activity of the Turkish army continued increasingly far and wide between Çatak, Girê Sor guardhouse and Êzdînan regions of Van province at 09.30 am on April 29.
The Turkish army laid ambushes with armoured vehicles in Hêndiresê, Gewrê, Şêbê, Golik and Meledikê villages of Mazıdağı district of Mardin province between 19.30 on April 28 and 05.00 on April 29 (today).
Turkish state’s unmanned aerial vehicles performed reconnaissance flights over Şehit Baran area of Farqin district of Amed province between 20.00 pm and 23.30 pm on April 28.
In the recent days, Turkish troops have been deployed on a hill in Dêrunê village of Kocaköy (Qaraz) district of Amed province.
Turkish army lunched a military operation in Arel and Çakmaklı areas of Ovacık district of Dersim province in the morning hours on April 26. The operation was retreated after remaining inconclusive in the evening hours.”
Source: Firat News Agency