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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Iraq Situation Report: March 12-13, 2015

Iraq Situation Report: March 12-13, 2015

Various Iraqi forces are pressuring ISIS on three different fronts, all of which are of strategic importance to the organization. ISIS will therefore likely attempt to escalate its attacks elsewhere to divert the resources of these forces
Iraq situation report march 2015
1 On March 12, an anonymous security source in Salah al-Din stated that Iraqi army (IA),
police, and the “Popular Mobilization” had arrived in central Tikrit. On March 13, an
anonymous military source stated that the operation would not advance until reinforcements
arrived. Leader of Badr Organization Hadi al-Ameri expressed condence in a positive
outcome from the ght but maintained that the combined forces needed time. In a recent
statement Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi claimed that security forces and the “Popular
Mobilization” fully controlled Tikrit.
2 A Humvee SVBIED targeted a military headquarters in al-Dayom
area in northwestern Tikrit district, killing six Iraqi Army (IA) soldiers
and injuring 10 others.
3 A security source in Salah al-Din stated that
clashes continued throughout the night on the
outskirts of al-Qadisiyah neighborhood, north of
Tikrit, between “joint security forces” and ISIS as
combined forces “attempt to control the area.” e
clashes killed three members of the joint forces. e
source indicated that reinforcements arrived in the area.
4 On March 13, a source in the command of the “Popular Mobilization” stated that ISIS
launched an attack on al-Hwesh area, west of Samarra, that lasted throughout the night. ISIS
initiated the attack by deploying what was reported to be over two dozen SVBIEDs that were
foiled by members of the Nujaba Movement, although this report may be exaggerated. Clashes
erupted after the initial attack with the Nujaba Movement and Federal Police battling ISIS
leaving a reported 75 ISIS members and eight members of the “Popular Mobilization” dead
and 10 others injured.
5 On March 12, forces from the Peshmerga, Turkmen volunteers, “police,” and “Popular Mobilization” launched an operation to retake Bashir village, south of Kirkuk city. e operation initiated clashes with ISIS that killed four members of the “Popular Mobilization” and injured 35 others. e forces have reportedly recaptured two villages on the way to Bashir: Sheikh Fanar al-Obeidi and Shamsiya. A leader in the “Popular Mobilization” stated that the Peshmerga attacked the village from the west with the “Popular Mobilization” approaching from the east. A separate initial report indicated that the forces surrounded and then successfully retook Bashir, although this remains unconrmed
6 On March 12, Peshmerga forces launched an operation to
take control of villages located near the Nahrawan area,
southwest of Kirkuk city. Also, a Peshmerga commander stated
that the Peshmerga took control of Multaqa sub-district, along
with 15 villages southwest of Kirkuk. On March 13, an anonymous
security source stated that “Popular Mobilization” and
Peshmerga forces took control of the Yarmouk compound
and a village in the Rashad sub-district, southwest of
Kirkuk. e composition of the “Popular Mobilization”
is unclear in this case and it is likely that the source
was referencing to local Iraqi Sunni tribal
ghters. U.S. CENTCOM stated that on
March 12 ve coalition airstrikes “near
Kirkuk” struck an ISIS tactical unit
and destroyed ve excavators,
three vehicles, and a VBIED.
On March 13, a coalition
airstrike struck a tactical unit
and destroyed an armored