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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another False Flag attack in Syria

The rebels seem to do the False Flag ops like clockwork. Every time there is talks on Syria they use it to try and manipulate the talks, the american public and world views. The Syrian Observatory for human rights is always the mouth piece that announces the false flag attacks and blames the Syrian Government. But for those of us watching the conflict close it is another headache and frustration that the west still relies on SOHR not as a rebel supported propaganda source on info, but instead the Western MSMS reports it almost as if it was fact and undisputed. The western news is still reporting Syria as  a civil War when it is clear this is a foreign backed, and manned insurgency of Sunni Arabs who want to make Syria an Islamic State with Sharia Law.,

Here is the CBS article - I left few messages and there was others who echoed what I have been saying about SOHR and how these are obvious false flag ops.

Video purports to show victims of Syrian gas attack

A group monitoring the civil war in Syria posted a video online that purports to show new evidence the country is carrying out poison gas attacks.
CBS News cannot confirm the use of chemical weapons, but President Obama has said it would cross a "red line," reports CBS News correspondent Clarissa Ward.
According to activists in Syria, the attack took place in the village of Sarmin in Idlib Province, on the other side of the Turkish-Syrian border.
Videos uploaded by medics inside Syria appear to show the aftermath of a chlorine gas attack -- young children coughing and struggling to breathe. Activists inside the country say six people were killed including a man, his wife and their three children.
Over the past year, there have been multiple reports of the Assad regime using chlorine gas in these so-called barrel bombs -- crudely made bombs stuffed with explosives and shrapnel or chlorine and dropped onto civilian areas.