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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Muslims Condemn ISIS around the World !!

Muslims Condemn ISIS actions and declare ISIS are not true Muslims, ISIS are barbarians.
Around the World Muslims have protested and condemned the #ISIS / #ISIL / #Daeshbags atrocities, #Daesh is an abomination. Currently they control #Mosul in #Iraq and #Raqqa in #Syria. Their Defeat in #Kobane in Northern Syria finally has #ISIL on the run. The #Kurdish #Peshmerga have done an amazing job of pushing #ISIS out of Kobane and they are now pushing them all the way back to #Raqqa. The #Kurds in Iraq have #Mosul surrounded on 3 sides and are ready to oust them from #Iraq. But we are still waiting on the #Iraqi army. I expect the Iraqi Army will approach Mosul from the South or Southeast of Mosul. This should start in about a month but may take 2 months till the big battle for Mosul Starts. The #deashbags in MOsul have told the citizens in Mosul that they must give them one boy from each family to help #ISIS in the fight. Lets hope these unwilling recruits will turn their guns on #ISIL. I hope that we wil see what happened in Baquba in 2007 when the citizens helped point out where the terrorists were hiding.