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Saturday, February 14, 2015

ISIS human trafficker arrested by Ezidi fighters - Video

The Ezidi Resistance Unit of Shingal YBS has managed to arrest an ISIS human trafficker who was responsible for the trade of abducted Ezidi women. The Kurdish Muslim from Shingal region who, by his own account was on they way to Mosul was catched during combat operations near Shingal city. The day before he had returned from Mosul to Shingal in order to `handle his business´.
Among his seized valuables were both information on the purchase and sale of Ezidi women as well as cash with a value of $2,000. Also a list with a piece of number of Ezidi women who were still `available for purchase´. He is supposed to be personally responsible for the trade of dozens of Ezidi women, a YBS fighter said. The arrested individual did not deny his criminal acts.
The wounded human trafficker received, as it can be seen on the video, medical treatment and will remain in custody. According to YBS fighters, he could communicate the whereabouts of abducted women and children.