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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Commission set up to rebuild Kobanê

ANF - KOBANÊ 30.01.2015 15:00:15 Following the liberation of Kobanê on the 134th day of the resistance against ISIS gangs, the Kobanê Canton administration has held a meeting to take effective decisions for the rebuilding of the war-torn city, while the operations of YPG/YPJ forces to liberate the villages continue. The executives of the Canton held a press conference at the Azadiya Square to announce the decisions taken for the rebuilding process. Kobanê Canton Prime Minister Enwer Müslim said a commission had been set up to carry out a survey across the urban area to assess the scope of the damage and to determine the needs of rebuilding as well as to conduct international relations. “The liberation of Kobanê coincides with the first anniversary of its being declared an autonomous canton. We have achieved victory, and have set up a commission to determine and assess the scope of the damage and to start a process of rebuilding”, said the Kobanê PM, adding that the commission consists of engineers and other experts in urban planning. Müslim said the commission will be in touch with international NGOs as well as states, adding that they expect aid and support for the rebuilding of Kobanê, where victory had been gained in the war for the defence of the values of humanity. Enwer Müslim called on all NGOs and aid organisations to provide support and to send aid for the rebuilding process in Kobanê.