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Thursday, January 8, 2015

War on Terror vs Counterinsurgency

The western Media has made no attempt to show how many civilian deaths are caused by the rebels. Instead they contribute all deaths to the Assad regime.
Are we to believe that the rebels are so restrained and so accurate that they never cause any civilian deaths? We know that these terrorists once they do take ground/cities they immediately start to push their influence on the citizens in those areas. Beheading, stoning and other executions for crimes as minimal as smoking cigarettes, or adultery, or blasphemy.
I decided to check out a web site of someone I had met online back in 2007. He like me was very focused on support the Surge in Iraq via online to try and counter the lopsided (and often uninformed) views of the mainstream media back then. I am sad to say he seems to be in the camp oof people who think Assad is the Devil and must go.
I checked website “War on Terror News” his link at “on Syria and one of the top posts he had there was this one
Civil War fatalities top 60,000 as American journalist missing for 6 week
So I posted a comment and am looking forward to communicating with him to try and help him understand who the bad guys really are = THE REBELS. or as we like to call them the terrorists.
Please check out his web site and leave a comment in support of the Syrian Government so he can get some idea that Syrians do not back the terrorists orgs in their country. Also please be respectful and understanding when commenting there. I have a lot of respect for this guy and hope you all will try be respectful also, while trying to let him know how ‘”real Syrians” feel about Assad, the Rebels and ISIS. thank you.
Here is the comment I left there.
“Hello WOTN I am not sure if you remember me from Yahoo 360 days?”
“I have a real problem with people calling Syria a civil war.
It seems we are looking at Syria from 2 different perspectives.I have chosen to side with the people of Syria where 90%+ support the government of Assad. A lot of talk about barrel bombs has been done on the Mainstream Media but it always depicts these as random and mostly attacks on citizens. But the truth is these are cheap guided bombs. Syria uses men on the ground to direct the barrel bombs onto rebel targets. Also the number of people who have died is always attributed as if Assad is the one who killed that m,any. There is no attempt to show how many civilians the rebels have killed. (which I would bet is more than the regime has killed. Do a simple search on Facebook, WordPress, Google+, or any other social site – type in your search Syria. You will find a large percent of Syrians who have pictures of Assad as their profile picture, this is done to let the world know who they support since the mainstream media seems to get it so flipping wrong.”
“Lets look at Tunisia, Libya and these countries are in terrible shape now. With more corruption, deaths, corrupted courts, and small to middle sized civil wars of tribe on tribe. They can not be called successful democracies, and it will be interesting to see what will rise out of these ashes of war, but it most likely will not be the democracy that the west seemed to think would happen. ALso look at Egypt (thank god they had their military) a Muslim Brotherhood won the Presidency, what most people do not know is the West and Qatar helped this guy get elected. And what did he do? he decided to change the constitution and make Egypt a Sharia Law State. The citizens and Military said no and thankfully dethroned this idiot.”
“As you know my focus has always been on counterinsurgency. One of the most basic elements of COIN is local support. without local support there is no COIN. In the case of Syria they are under siege, a war that is being wage by very rich very well armed countries including the U.S. Most of the rebels are foreigners not Syrian. Most like I said 90% believe this war is being waged on them by the U.S. and Israel (as the planners) with the help of Turkey Saudi Arabia and Qatar being the largest money backers. It really does not matter if Israel is actually part of the BS. If the citizens see it this way then that is their reality. What I am trying to point out is there simply is NO way that ANY rebel group will win a war on Syria. The only way to unseat Assad would be a full war by Western Militaries. So lets say that happened or maybe something more like Libya? Then the western countries will put in what the Syrian civilians will see as a western puppet. How long after west forces withdraw do you think before the citizens of Syria overthrow the puppet? Maybe something akin to Iran after the overthrow of the western puppet the Shah of Iran.”
“The U.S. had rebels the mid 1800s and did the right thing and waged war on them. I wish the western forces and the ME nations would stop waging war on Syria and stop making new ISIS militants. After these idiots get trained we saw it before they leave the moderates and go with the winning team. History repeats itself. The further back we can look in history the further forward we can see.”
– Ian Bach