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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Army sends 250 MRAPs to Iraq

I just saw a recent interview with Iraq's new President and he was very thankful, mentioned many Nations who sent arms for free, and others who are sending with a pay later plan, - IB

Posted: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 3:07 pm | Updated: 3:33 pm, Wed Jan 28, 2015.
As the US airstrikes against ISIS strongholds in Iraqcontinue the United States Army Security Assistance Command is taking steps to help the Iraqi military be better equipped to defend themselves when facing the terrorist organization. USASAC recently facilitated the sale and delivery of 250 highly armored vehicles to Iraq in 90 days, no small feat when congressional approval is needed for these types of sales.  
The MRAPs or Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles are used to protect troops when they are in operational environments or areas where they may become engaged with an enemy. The MRAPs were already located in the Middle East, having been moved to the country ofKuwait after the US pulled out of Iraq.
“First we have to secure the authority from the US government to transfer between our governments and that’s primarily what USASAC was instrumental in doing, we manage the government to government agreements that facilitate the transfer of those vehicles,” explained Hoskins. “We found vehicles, went to the vehicles that were in Kuwait, inspected them and determined what needed to be done to bring them up to operational status and condition, sent the team out to do that work and perform that work at the same time while authority was being secured form the US government to do the transition.” “They had been used by US troops but had been considered excess and were no longer being used and had been made available for transfer to our partner nations,” explained Tom Hoskins, USASAC’s Division Chief for CENTCOM Regional Operations. These types of sales happen often, but completing them in 90 days is highly unusual as most foreign military sales can take anywhere from six months to one year.
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