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Thursday, November 20, 2014

US air strike in Syria

The strike hit a storage facility controlled by the Nusra Front near the town of Harem
Article (click here) on yahoo news, talking about one measly US strike. I left the comment below on the article

Sad US only has one air strike to talk about. They really need to work with Assad's air force and intelligence. And men on the ground to laser target places that we can inflict the most cost in machines and ammo and gas and sadly food in some cases. the food one has been used against Assad so far. but i understand that the Syrian forces are spread thin and when that happen you have to use all the tools in the tool box. Helicopters dropping barrel bombs becomes your guided missiles. they are much cheaper and with the Syrian air force they are also Syria's elite intelligence wing. So the tails of Syria just dropping barrel bombs at random is needless to say exaggerated, and rebel propagandising.