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Friday, November 28, 2014

Time to Recognize the True Ally

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The rise of fanatic Islamist Caliphates has brought a deplorable economic and social epoch to Kurdish history. At the same time, it has heightened the spirit of nationalism, and isissuing an emergency call for unity amongst Kurds. Jihadists from different terrorist affiliations have been ganging up on the Kurds. Although the Kurds are the most effective force fighting to thwart terror advances, the international communities’ assistance toward the Kurds in fighting this incendiary phenomenon has been inadequate and lukewarm by all accounts. The Kurds are struggling to safeguard their land, shield their people, and preserve their way of life in the face of fanatic Muslim Jihadists. Kurdistan is at war; consequently, economic and social hardships of this war will be manifested in the life of the nation for as long as this inauspicious war continues. 

The threat of Caliphate thugs has reinvigorated Kurdish nationalism, renewed national pride, and has attracted thousands of young volunteers to eagerly engage in fighting evil forces so that their way of life will be as dictated by the Kurdish culture, rather than by falsified Islamic Sharia. The gallantry of resolved peshmerga and PKK fighters will be echoed in history as to how they selflessly put their lives on the line defending their sacred land and the sanctity of freedom which has been a part of a naturally altruistic, democratic, and tolerant Kurdish culture and society.
Kurdistan of Syria has been devastated, its infrastructure has been ruined, their villages vacated, and their farms abandoned. The great majority of its population has taken refuge in Kurdistan of Iraq and Turkey. They are suffering in Turkey as frigid winter is upon them, and their inhumane treatments by diabolic Turk beasts, as a people and government, is unbearable. The people have been distressed by lack of proper nutrition, healthcare, sanitation, and shelter. These are human faces with human needs; therefore, it is incumbent on the world to offer them their basic needs.
Kurdistan of Iraq is hard pressed due to a massive influx of Arab Sunnis, making Kurdistan a dumping ground for Arab refugees from other parts of Iraq whom they have to provide for due to insufficient international aid. While most of these people are Sunni Arab Muslims, yet the opulent Arab oil-rich countries haven’t extended helping hands to their Arab brethren, and they have shamelessly remained aloof. Arabs have to take lessons from Kurds when comes to compassion and helping the needy.
Kurds don’t have adequate resources to cope with this massive refugee population. It’s time for the international communities to pressure Arab countries and Turkey, who have created ISIS, to remedy their actions and have them compensate the victims of their atrocious crimes against humanities.