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Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Battle For Kobani

ISIS and the battle for control of the Syrian town of Kobani. The Kurds have it. ISIS wants it. The US is bombing. We’ll look at the lessons of the battle for Kobani.

Kurds in Turkey look over the border with Syria toward the embattled town of Kobani. (David Takaki / Twitter)
If one little town can tell a big story about American strategy and the Islamic State it may be Kobani.  Desert and fields around a spray of white houses, schools, buildings, in northern Syria, hard against the Turkish border.  For ten days, ISIS has been battling toward the town and its desperate Syrian-Kurdish defenders.  Refugees, fleeing.  Turkish Kurds watching from hillsides across the border, cut off.  American planes hitting ISIS tanks and guns.  But ISIS keeps coming.  A slaughter is feared.  The tangle of interests is fierce.  This hour, On Point:  the US, ISIS, and the battle for Kobani.
– Tom Ashbrook