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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Syrian army retakes al-Shaer gas field

HOMS, Syria — Following fierce battles, the Syrian army recaptured the al-Shaer gas field from the Islamic State (IS) Nov. 6, for the second time. IS fighters had taken control of the field, 110 kilometers (68 miles) east of Homs, and the surrounding hills at the end of October. Al-Monitor visited al-Shaer on Nov. 7.
The fight for the territory caused significant destruction to the gas field's facilities, especially the main plant, which feeds into the Hayan gas field, from which gas is distributed to networks along the coast and to the south. The army was quick to install fortifications, especially on Zimlat al-Maher Hill, also known as Syriatel Hill. The bodies of IS fighters lay scattered around the desert terrain near the field, alongside equipment destroyed in the clashes and sweeping up operations ongoing in the vicinity.
Summary⎙ Print The Syrian army's recapture of a gas field from the Islamic State represented a strategic and symbolic victory, securing the country's electricity supply and protecting central Syria from further attacks.

Author Khaled AtallahPosted November 18, 2014
Translator(s)Tyler Huffman

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