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Friday, November 14, 2014

Some interesting sites

Looking around on Tumblr which I just joined after saw a follow through to my blog on site stats from interesting one (not linked below :-)
This has some very good local new inside turkey
"Late last month, for instance, the Turkish police raided a home near the large border city of Gaziantep. Inside, they found a cache of weapons and suicide vests. The week before, the police had found in the same area an even bigger arsenal, including 330 pounds of C4 explosives and 20 suicide vests. The arsenals, Turkish authorities say, belonged to ISIS.
These raids are relatively new. For two years, analysts say the Turkish government looked the other way as jihadis built a human smuggling pipeline running from the airports of Istanbul to the bus stations in the country’s south along the Syrian frontier. Not long ago, it was common to see young men from Western and Arab countries sporting the long hair and bushy beards favored by jihadis wandering openly around bus stations and budget hotels in Turkey’s border areas."

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